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I help people sell products and services with design.anna measures designs illustration my name mugs

More about me below, BUT first:

Do you need…

  • Designs for Products
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Logo Design
Then if we’re the right fit, I should be able to help you.

Why working with me will give you Peace of Mind?

★ You’ll get your design on timeNo hassles.

I get the pressure you’re under. I communicate very clearly to prevent time and money being wasted.

I’ve been around the rodeo, Cowboy: You won’t have to waste time holding my hand. I always meet my deadline.

If I don’t feel we’re the right fit, I’ll recommend someone who may be a better match for you.

Here’s some Street Cred: When I was an in-house designer, I designed hundreds of product that has sold a million+ units in stores like Toys R UsBabies R Us + the NASA Gift Shop…all under some TIGHT deadlines.

Where my designs have been used:

  • mugs
  • drink bottles
  • sippy cups
  • door plaques
  • flashlights
  • pencils, pens
  • dinner ware
  • showrooms
  • animated plush toys
  • magazines, catalogues
  • escalator & elevator ads

Now I’m an award-winning freelancer in my hometown of Oxnard, California. My customers love my very responsive customer service and that I’m very open to feedback.

Here’s me in Toys R Us Times Square with some product I designed:

(We were in New York for a Trade Show — during a MASSIVE heat wave. You can see my eternal love for air conditioning. WHEW, it was hot!) 😉

Besides companies, I also work with individuals on their children’s books + custom needs. This helps being able to illustrate in different styles, appropriate to different markets.

Product Lines are BIG undertakings – having more then a hundred different product designs.

A snag in production meant missed shipping — which meant missing out on possible $ales at big box stores over a three-day weekend…

oohh, just writing this, I’m starting to sweat, remembering being in the trenches again…

★ Designs for a
 variety of markets.

One of my favorite things to review are Sales Reports. It gives a great sense of what designs that sell have in common:

  • They stand out: Bold Color & Contrast can be seen from across the store.

★ Flexibility. Get quick changes for your designs.

Designs are built digitally, in layered files for maximum flexibility to be reformatted to any product.
If you prefer daily or weekly progress reports, communicating via email/phone/Skype — it’s all about what works best for you.

What people I’ve worked with say about my Service:

diantha currier “Anna is one of the most creative artists I have worked with in my 35 years of being involved in product development…

Very often my projects had to be created on a rush basis – she never failed to deliver quality designs in spite of the time pressure.

She is extremely easy to work with.

I would highly recommend Anna to anyone who needs creativity and timely delivery!”

–Diantha Currier, Owner of DC Sales

terri beard“Anna is an exceptional designer, illustrator, creator.

Her talents are endless & she can illustrate virtually anything.

She has a wonderful personality and takes direction well, though rarely needs it.

I highly recommend Anna Measures, she is a true treasure.

– Terri Beard, Co-Owner at For Season Gifts

★ Do you know what I felt was the #1 thing about being an in-house designer?

The long-term project collaboration. That’s why when I take on a project, I approach it as a life-long partnership.

More about Me:

My design approach is creating a gift for a friend, by asking the question: what do they like?

Or more importantly: what will they buy?

I’m based in Southern California. When we meet, I can fake, like, a totally gnarly Californian accent for you, dude. 😉

I graduated with a BA in Art from California State University, Northridge. I’ve taken lots of training classes — I’m a big fan of continuing education. Especially since I love my job and keeping up on trends that $ell.

For about a year, I attended an International Boarding School in Thailand.

(It was based on the British system) Complete with ties & Harry Potter-ish uniforms.

Ugh, don’t get me started on those skorts…

It was next door to a guava farm & I’d wake up to monkeys howling and peacocks crowing at dawn.

The best thing I learned when I lived in Thailand? I now love to bargain.

I have an extensive collection of stationary & stickers. I’ve cut down a lot. Especially after watching a Hoarders marathon.

Have you SEEN this show? I LOVE it!

It’s like a warning from my future self.

anna measures

I love taking on CHALLENGES! Usually in the form of classes, learning new things keeps it exciting.

The most influential part of  growing up was travel.

Like getting lost in the Lourve, visiting huge religious complexes like the Vatican and Angkor Wat in Cambodia, climbing the Great Wall of China, sketching the gold-leaf murals of Thailand, taking terrible selfies at the Taj Mahal.

Seeing such beautiful things influenced me to pursue creativity. A BIG bucket list moment was when I went to Hello Kitty Land in Tokyo. It cured me of my obsessive love of the color pink. Earth tones all the way, baby!

~The whole world is Eye Candy~

anna measuresI’d like to say a BIG thanks to my Mom and Dad… When they got married after college they had like $5 and would have to split a 29 cent McDonald’s hamburger for dinner.

Without their hard work + generosity, I wouldn’t have such a great childhood; I got to travel and take many different classes.

I’m dedicating myself to service + creating images that are to designed to show you what a beautiful world it is out there…

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