I’m excited to show you mural images!
mural-animation Christine coates mural anna measures
I got to work with some kind, professional and talented artists in a Mural painting team.
It was at the LA Convention Center at the Global Business Travel Association Conference.
Booth attendees would take a polaroid photo and then would hang out in the booth to see their portrait drawn LIVE!

This portrait drawing as LIVE! Entertainment was great for the customer, because…
  • It boosted their booth traffic – the mural could be seen from far away (it was HUGE!)
  • Gave the sales team time to talk to leads/buyers on orders while they waited to see how their portrait came out
  • Attendees said it would stick in their minds long after the convention was over (an experience always is remembered more than yet another catalogue…)

Christine Coates Mural Artist Anna Measures

Me and our Captain, Christine J. Coates
*thanks for the photo + being fun to work with, Mayuka Thais
UGH, I have to retouch my roots! Psstt… Being a graphic artist, you can just slap on a fun hat with the magic of Photoshop ;0)

ADDED BONUS: I’ve FINALLY conquered my fear of heights.

The best part of working with Anna?
Her professionalism, good communication and quality work.
I would recommend her service because she worked hard to make sure I was happy.
I wasn’t worried about meeting the deadline because Anna was punctual and committed to getting the mural done on time.
– Christine J. Coates